FYI the same concept applies to Webhost and additional steps will apply to the placement and location of the SSL Files

Hello AFFA Social friends and family from Charles Norton AFFA Social

Today I will show you how to make your localhost home computer an actual web / Home server.

1.) The first step is to download the server package called Laragon

>>> Download Here<<< 

Step1 ) Once you install the server software run Laragon so it is running open a browser and type localhost in the browser and hit the enter key if the server is installed and running you will receive a webpage that indicates the server is running you are ready to start the process.

Step 2 ) Now the first thing we do is follow this Laragon tutorial below once that tutorial is finished continue this tutorial step 3.


Also in Laragon app in the general tab make sure we put a check in the auto virtual host and in the box to the right we use {name}.test  

Once the above is completed let us move on.

Step 3 ) SSL For Free

The first thing is where are the .crt files and the .key file located

laragon.crt =  C:\laragon\etc\ssl

curl-ca-bundle.crt = C:\laragon\bin\laragon\utils

laragon.key = C:\laragon\etc\ssl

I assume you have already made a name for your localhost by using a site like to give your computer IP a site name like I like as they have a server that is not blocked like on Facebook. Now to get the IP for your computer you can go to your browser and in the address bar of the browser type myip and hit enter just click one of the results that show your ipv4 address example that is the IP you use for the free hostname from a site like or whatever free dynamic DNS site you used.

Now go to SSL For Free register and begin the process and create a new certificate manually and follow the site steps to receive the 3 files private.key, ca_bundle.crt, certificate.crt once you have created the C:\laragon\www\.well-known\pki-validation and placed the file given to put in that folder and verify and finish the steps to get files needed to continue below.

The laragon.crt file is located at C:\laragon\etc\ssl This file must be replaced with the SSL for Free certificate.crt received by renaming the certificate.crt to laragon.crt and moving it to the C:\laragon\etc\ssl folder.

Then curl-ca-bundle.crt file is located at C:\laragon\bin\laragon\utils and we must take the SSL for Free ca_bundle.crt we received and rename it as  curl-ca-bundle.crt and move it to the folder C:\laragon\bin\laragon\utils.

Then the laragon.key file is located at C:\laragon\etc\ssl and we must take the SSL for Free file we received private.key and rename it to laragon.key  and move that file to C:\laragon\etc\ssl

Now you simply stop Laragon and restart Laragon and if you followed the instructions you now have a home localhost running as an https:// secure website simply type the page should load and you should see a lock in the browser by the web address you are now a secure website.