How to distinguish between good and bad furniture paint?

1. Look at the test report. Qualified paint products will have a test report issued by a third-party testing agency. Consumers can ask for the test report from the merchant to check the two important environmental protection indicators of the paint, the content of free TDI and benzene. Free TDI is present Among the harmful substances in the curing agent of wood lacquer, benzene is also very toxic, which can cause leukemia, damage the human liver, and reduce human immunity. The less free TDI and benzene content, the higher the safety of the product. The wood lacquer produced by Jialishi paint adopts advanced equipment of international standards, so that the free TDI content in the curing agent not only meets the national standard, but even reaches the European standard, which is a truly healthy and environmentally friendly product.

2. Look for eco-friendly product signs. Healthy and environmentally friendly products are currently the first choice of consumers. How to distinguish healthy and environmentally friendly products in the face of various certification certificates placed on the counter?

Experts remind consumers that with the country's standardization of packaging, the packaging of health and environmental protection products has passed China's environmental protection product certification, and the China environmental product certification mark is the country's most stringent certification mark.

3. Draw a model. A good paint has high hardness, good scratch resistance, not easy to scratch, and can play a good role in protecting wood. Consumers can try to use nails or paper to swipe back and forth on the surface of the sample. The surface of good paint is smooth and undamaged, while the paint with low hardness will have obvious fine scratches, which will affect the beauty and life of woodware.

4. Than transparency. Most domestic excellent paint brands provide product model experiences in specialty stores. Consumers observe the transparency of the model, the high-transparency paint has a beautiful luster, and can highlight the natural texture of the wood. It can well modify the wood and make the wood more beautiful and beautiful. And those paint samples with white and misty surfaces must be inferior products.

5. Touch the model. Whether it is good paint or not, you can know it by touching it. Good paints have a high solid content, have a plump and smooth feel, and are delicate and smooth, while inferior paints have a low solid content, and the paint film still feels brittle and thin even if painted many times, and paints that contain impurities will have an obvious graininess.

6. Specific resistance to yellowing. Yellowing resistance is an important indicator of paint performance. Paints with poor yellowing resistance can cause discoloration and ageing of furniture. This is particularly evident in white paint and light-colored paint. In the two paints under strong ultraviolet radiation, the worse the paint, the faster it will turn yellow.

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