Freeride Kitefoil
    Feel the power of our freeride kitefoil JOY series, available at TAAROA.  The JOY kitefoil range is entirely modular and available in high-quality materials such as Carbon HR, Carbon UHM, and titanium, and is customizable to suit all freeride and free move disciplines.  Designed for easy use with a stable and maneuverable feel, we have a wide variety of wings, masts, stabilizers, and fuselages available, as well as complete kits to meet any of your performance requirements. ...
    By TAAROA Hydrofoil 2021-01-06 04:19:28 1 15
    IKA Kitefoil
    The SWORD 108 is the pinnacle of TAAROA innovation and design, now an IKA Kitefoil registered for the Formula Kite Olympic Class.  The SWORD 108 is created for extreme speed, rigidity, and dynamic power on the racecourse.  Carbon UHM is TAAROA’s critical high-performance element, and our wings, stabilizers, and masts engineered in this ultra-rigid material are the result of years of research and development. Choose an ultra-low-profile titanium fuselage in two different...
    By TAAROA Hydrofoil 2020-12-21 04:53:13 0 16
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