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First things first:

If you wish to play all games on all websites including AFFA Social without advertisements please read the About page here: once you have added at least Adguard Adblocker Continue  with this tutorial. 

Most the games will use the Z, X and arrow keys for playing the game.  See the options for key assigment in the game(s) menu.

1.  Goto games page and click on play for the game you wish to play.

Games Screen


2. Hit the F11 key to go to full screen mode.

F11 Full Screen Exampe


3. If the game is bigger than the play screen scroll down until you

    find the Icon/Option for full screen and click it. See (Example) Below.


Full Screen Button on game screen


  Now simply adjust game by scroll up or down so the screen is set how you prefer it.  Now click the play button on the screen or hit enter to start the game.  See (Example) below.


Play The Game


That is it enjoy and have fun and if you have a game to recommend just request it via chat with Charles Norton or a Admin and if we can we will add the game and send you a message it has been added.


Cheers From all of us at AFFA Social